Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kickin' It Old School

As mentioned previously, I sprained my ankle in Dallas the day we left for BA and since have re-sprained it no less than 7 times on the mean, crumbling streets of Buenos Aires. I've taped my ankle just to go to dinner,wore my old Chaco hiking boots with an Ace bandage for walks, but still continued to turn my skinny ankle. So, I decided to look for a boot that provides additional support, but was coming up short in the local stores, mostly day hikers. Finally I happened onto this site: http://www.marascoyspeziale.com.ar/outdoor.htm
The older gent in the photos is the owner and his extended family all work the factory/store. The boots I purchased, #1618, red laces, fit like a glove out of the box! These are old school "waffle stompers"! Made in the factory by decedents of the owner. Heavy as hell and built like a Tank!. I'm going backpacking and fly fishing in Patagonia, Chile in February, so I need sold boots. Should I sprain my ankle in these bad boy's I should consider a elegant cane.

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