Saturday, September 6, 2008

Why here, why now, why not!

My wife Deidre and I arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina on August 15, 2008.  Not coincidentally, this was the 1 year anniversary of our son, Jack's, death.  Since our dear boy left us last year, we've been understandably "dazed and confused".  Parents should not outlive their children; certainly not 12 year old's.  We decided to take a year off of work to try to find meaning in our lives in whatever way possible.  For some reason I was drawn to Argentina, maybe it's the culture of beef, red wine and tango or maybe it's simply the strong exchange rate of currency, but for whatever reason we decided to move here for a year, possibly longer.

When a person goes through a catastrophic event like the passing of their child, that person takes on a new world view.  Some parts of their life, which they considered important become trivial.  You truly know that life is at best fleeting and one never knows when it will come to an end. With this in mind we decided to move to a city where we know not a soul, with very little with us other than simple clothing and a laptop.  It would have been easier to move to another city in the US, but this is so different and literally foreign that we hope to learn more about ourselves and find a way to (i hate this trite saying) "make a difference".

AKA Bulldog

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